Common Problems and Solutions With Dell Printers

Below we will give you some brief about Common Problems and Solutions With Dell Printers.

1. How to install dell printer without CD – When you purchase dell printer it comes with driver disc if you do not have that disc or misplaced then you need to visit then type serial or product number for your printer, if you do not have any of them click on auto detect and then select the operating system and download install appropriate drivers for your printer.

2. Dell printer showing offline – If you dell printer is showing offline first you need to check is your printer ON, if your printer is ON then check the connection of your printer between computer. Still same problem now go to control panel and right click on printers Icon and uncheck printer offline option, your printer should start printing after follow these steps.

3. Printer printing faded – If your printer is printing faded characters, you need remove the cartridges and shake well the reinsert after that align your cartridges. If you are getting same problem you need to order new genuine cartridges for your dell printer.